Czech Republic is a gallery of architectural masterpieces in the open air

Staying in the Czech Republic is accompanied by a pleasant feeling of warm hospitality, even home comfort. Some places seem familiar, even if they are seen for the first time, comfortably and calmly everywhere. Perhaps this is because the locals are sincere hospitable hosts, and maybe the Czech Republic itself has a certain aura. Anyway, a trip to the Czech Republic is always a friendly meeting, joyful and long-awaited. Here you are fed a pork shank, and poured a glass of foamy freshly brewed, will allow you to improve your health in the balneological health resort. Hotels in the Czech Republic always meet their guests with a concern for comfort. It’s good at home, but better in the Czech Republic!

The most beautiful cities in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is everywhere pretty, but Prague … Prague is fabulously beautiful! The beauty of the historic center of Prague is known even to those who have never been there. Rumors are not exaggerated. On either side of the Vltava River, the sights follow each other, creating a huge space for excursions. Along with the grandiose Prague Castle, within which stands the Cathedral of St. Vitus, there are also spider webs of charming streets, along which it is so nice to slowly sway.

The tourist center of Prague is filled with all kinds of shops, souvenir shops, restaurants of national cuisine. Definitely, a more suitable place for booking a hotel in Prague is not found: Kings Court , Grandior , Paris , Art Nouveau Palace, Buddha-Bar , Corinthia , Ventana . Especially I want to mention the capital hotels in the Czech Republic, which are suitable for a special occasion, wedding or honeymoon, for example: Alchymist Prague Castle Suites , Alchymist Grand Hotel and Spa , The Mark , Art Deco Imperial , Boscolo Prague .

It is quite popular to travel around the Czech Republic in the beginning of autumn: comfortable weather, beauty of natural landscapes. Some cities are even recommended to inspect in autumn, for example Cesky Krumlov. The views of the castle in Krumlov against the background of the multicolored falling leaves fascinate. Local Czech hotels 4 stars are located in old buildings:Castle View Apartments , Grand , Dvorak , Bellevue , Krčínův Dům .

The historic center of Brno also attracts the sympathy of tourists. In the area of ​​attractions, restaurants and shopping are the hotels Barceló Brno Palace , Grandezza , Royal Ricc .

The charming Litomyšl is famous for its elegant castle, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

On the way to the medieval castle, located in the town of Hluboka nad Vltavou, there will be a four-star castle hotel Štekl, which is perfectly suited for organizing wedding celebrations. Similar Czech hotels are in great demand among those wishing to make the wedding ceremony even more memorable: Chateau Mcely , Zámek Štiřín , Zámek Jemniště .

In winter, welcome to the Czech ski resort Spindleruv Mlyn. In the hotel Savoy, the holiday promises to be really successful.

Without mentioning beer, our story about the Czech Republic would not be complete. Connoisseurs of the most delicious Czech are worth visiting in the city of Pilsen, where the drink literally flows down the river in any drinking establishment. Purkmistr Hotel offers its guests even a beer bath!

Hotels in spa resorts in Czech Republic

The spa resort of Karlovy Vary was, is and remains the country’s health resort number one. The best Czech hotels with luxury spa centers, a long list of health procedures, a respectable public have settled here: Quisisana Palace , Carlsbad Plaza , Grandhotel Pupp , Savoy Westend .

However, this is not the only resort. In the west of the Czech Republic there are quite a lot of mineral springs on the basis of which sanatoriums, baths, spa centers are built. So, the city of Mariánské Lázně is not inferior to Karlovy Vary in terms of the number of health-improving complexes, including hotel complexes. Among the best hotels offering medical treatments to their guests: Danubius Health Spa Resort Nové Lázne, Danubius Health Spa Resort Hvězda-Imperial-Neapol , Esplanade Spa and Golf Resort , Falkensteiner Hotel Grand Spa Marienbad , Villa Savoy.

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