Croatian island of Lokrum

The most attractive tourist attractions in Croatia is considered the picturesque island of Lokrum

One of the most attractive tourist attractions in Croatia is considered the picturesque island of Lokrum, which can be accessed by ferry, cruising the Adriatic Sea. This place is a reserve, turned into a spectacular natural attraction, carefully guarded from becoming a fashionable resort with many boutiques and hotels. The history of Lokrum is shrouded in mystical mysteries and, in the opinion of old Croats, bears the imprint of an ancient tragedy. The legend says that the island liked Napoleon himself, who ordered the demolition of the local Benedictine monastery. The monks who inhabited the monastery could not contradict the French emperor and his soldiers, so they had to leave their home. But before that they cursed Lokrum and his land, which no one else should have belonged to for personal gain. Since then, all the island’s owners have died not by their own death,


The only owners of Lokrum today are the state and the peacocks inhabiting the island. These beautiful and pretentious birds are used to tourists who constantly feed them with various delicacies, but sometimes they try to snatch a fee for treats, tearing out beautiful feathers from luxurious peacock tails. Because of this, the Croatian authorities urge the island’s guests to respect peacocks and not to earn themselves an impressive fine and bad karma. In addition to peacocks, Lokrum is famous for other sights – for example, the ancient Napoleonic fort, whose height is 91 meters. If you climb on its battlements, you can see how on the palm of all the magnificent Dubrovnik and the beautiful panorama of the island, completely covered with greenery.

Another place worth visiting on Lokrum is the Dead Lake

15303508 – walled old city of dubrovnik on a high cliff and lokrum island on the adriatic sea in croatia, dalmatia region.

, filled with warm salt water, which gets into it from the Adriatic Sea. It is rather small, so peacocks often come here and watch the bathing tourists. Also, you can take relaxing water baths on the rocky beaches of the island, where the water has crystal clearness and a shiny pebble bottom. The long coastline of Lokrum is all covered with a huge number of bays and small bays of natural origin. Therefore, the island is very popular with nudists and just lovers to merge with nature without clothes – the main thing is to find a beach with a special sign or the most secluded place. Island banks are completely overgrown with lush picturesque vegetation, therefore to hide in them from extraneous eyes – not a problem.

Also, Lokrum offers tourists a large botanical garden, where the rare and most beautiful representatives of the flora are gathered – it was once broken by the order of Prince Maximilian Habsburg. He also ordered the rebuilding of the ancient Benedictine monastery (the same one) under the magnificent palace, in which were stored collections of various things collected by the princes during his many trips. After the death of Maximilian they were taken from Lokrum, but the ancient palace remained and still receives guests in its deserted echoing halls. At sunset, the island turns into a mysterious place: the thickening shadows slowly creep on everlasting trees, swallow stone paths and benches, plunge into the silent darkness of falling asleep peacocks. Therefore, the authorities recommend leaving Lokrum strictly until 17:00 – after this time the ferry no longer docks to its shores.

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