Macedonia. Ohrid resort town

Glorious and sunny Macedonia is always waiting for foreign tourists. It is a small state, comfortably located on the Balkan Peninsula. Macedonia attracts travelers from all over the world with its inexpensive vacation. And in this country there is something to see. There are historical monuments, various museums, clean bays with transparent warm water, magnificent beaches with white sand. The city of Ohrid is one of the most popular Macedonian resorts. The ancient Greeks called it Lichnidos, which meant “City of Light”. This name Ohrid received because of its proximity to the magnificent and clean Ohrid lake. Since the 80s of the last century Ohrid Lake is a UNESCO heritage.

Perfect holiday in Ohrid. What to see and where to visit the city?

It is believed that Ohrid is a more visited place than Skopje. You can get to the city on the plane, especially near it there is a convenient airport named after the Apostle Paul. It is possible to reach the “City of Light” by car, the good of Macedonia is a small country and there should not be any problems with overcoming the distance. You will immediately be amazed by the magnificence of the embankment of Ohrid. On it there is an ancient surprisingly beautiful mooring. In the distance one can see Samuil’s fortress crowning magnificent mountains. But many travelers come here to see with their own eyes one of the deepest and most mysterious lakes in the Balkan Peninsula. Ohrid Lake stretches for a third of Albania and Macedonia, its depth is just over three hundred meters.

Ohrid itself is one of the most ancient cities on the Balkan Peninsula. Its history dates back almost 2500 years. And in the city itself there are traces of ancient Ilyinian settlements. It is rightly considered the spiritual mecca of Macedonia, old-timers say that once in Ohrid there were 365 churches. It’s not hard to guess, just by the number of days in a year.
Now tourists can admire the five large ancient temples, such as the church of St. John, St. Sophia, Clement, Elena and John, the Nativity temple. On the waterfront of Ohrid, the whole life of this small resort town is concentrated. There are lots of attractions for children and fish restaurants. Fish dishes, served in restaurants, only fresh and the most delicious! Mediterranean cuisine in Macedonia is diluted with notes of oriental sound. By the way, it is forbidden to swim on the waterfront of Ohrid . The bottom is shallow, stony. Cutters and yachts often moor to breakwaters. Guests and residents of the city love to sunbathe on the beach of Caneo, which is located on the opposite side of the bay.
Near the pier there are interesting sights. For example, a monument to St. Clement. Right behind the back of Clement can see the familiar to many Russians Cyril and Methodius. Ohrid has its own McDonald’s, but it is forbidden to take photographs. A snack in it can be inexpensive, and then you should go for a walk along the famous avenue of flowers. Everywhere you will come across souvenir shops and local farmers’ grocery stores, where you can buy tasty national products of Macedonia and gifts to relatives. On the main square of the city there is another interesting attraction. A huge ancient tree, bound in iron, grows there. Its age is equal to a thousand years!
Another unusual place to visit when traveling to Ohrid, was abandoned by the Roman Empire that had sunk into oblivion. It is a Roman amphitheater, which was found quite by accident in the construction of houses in the historic center of Ohrid. Many tourists who have visited Macedonia, remember this unusual journey for life. And it is not without reason that they say that after visiting Macedonia once, you will return here again and again.
Ohrid is a great pie consisting of national Macedonian color, Balkan hospitality, beautiful nature and human good nature. By itself, the city is small, it is home to 60 thousand inhabitants. But in the summer season it comes to life and becomes crowded. It is possible to move around the city by taxi, it’s worth it inexpensively. Well, lovers of outdoor activities can rent a bicycle or a small electric car.
Beaches of Ohrid are simply gorgeous! Mostly they are located on the shore of Ohrid Lake, and their length is more than thirty kilometers. The beaches are always clean and clean. Near the lake there are many boarding houses and holiday homes. You can always rent a boat or a small yacht and ride along the turquoise water surface of the lake. Right on the beach in local cafes, tourists like to enjoy Ohrid meat in wine or try traditional grilled trout. Summarizing the above, we can safely say that vacation in Ohrid is inexpensive, interesting and diverse!

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