The safest hotel in Switzerland

Tourists who are exposed to various phobias related to their  safetycan safely book a room in the first “nuzezdozdochnom” hotel in the world with the spoken name of Null Stern. This unusual hotel, located in the Swiss city of Sevelen, is … a nuclear underground bunker, turned by two brothers-designers into a modern and relatively comfortable hotel. They designed the unique design of Null Stern , retaining all the walls of the bunker – after all, in case of war or cataclysm, it will be used for its intended purpose. To date, this guest shelter, owned by the state and located a few meters below the ground, provides itself without requiring the allocation of funds from the city budget.

At the same time, Null Stern can accommodate 54 people, but guests should be prepared for certain features dictated by the layout of this underground shelter. So, the rooms in the hotel are common – however, as well as the bathroom with a bathroom, which is decorated in the form of a fountain with flowers and decorated with various cables, real filters and air ducts. In the living room of Null Stern there are no windows, which is a contraindication for tourists suffering from claustrophobia. To compensate for their guests lack of the outside world, the owners of the hotel broadcast to the large screen in the foyer an image from an external surveillance camera.
Of the necessary amenities for guests Null Stern give a clean set of good bed linen and a bottle of hot water, designed to warm the bed – the average temperature in the underground bunker is +15 degrees. Take a hot shower in this hotel can only be in the morning, so the “owls” in Null Stern is unlikely to be comfortable. The hotel guests sleep on cozy single and double beds, next to which there are pretty nightlights, giving a harsh room some kind of homely atmosphere. Fans of post-apocalyptic subjects come to ecstasy from the design of Null Stern, so the hotel-bunker is very popular – in this regard (and with minimum prices per night) hotel rooms are recommended to book for several months.

Of course, there is no entertainment in Null Stern – however, as well as excess furniture, a restaurant and other services that are present in all other hotels. However, the hotel guests are quite satisfied that for a quiet lying on the bed with them they take only from 9 to 13 dollars, and at the same time introduce new interesting people. In addition, this bunker, like any underground structure, has excellent sound insulation, so rest to its temporary residents is guaranteed the maximum. In addition, many are attracted by the low cost of spending the night in Switzerland, where hotels traditionally cost a crazy amount. Living in Null Stern gives you a unique opportunity to save money and spend money on walking around Sevelen, which is located on the border with the Principality of Liechtenstein – and there is something to see.

The largest influx of tourists to the hotel-bunker is celebrated during the city’s major cultural events, as well as in the ski season. In the future, the owners of a unique hotel plan to open about 12 more such hotels – so that bunkers across the country do not stand idle in anticipation of disasters, and if necessary take people into a habitable and well-groomed space, rather than in a shabby sewer cave.

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