The most unusual hotel in Cappadocia

Ancient Turkish Cappadocia is known to the whole world for its houses, which are carved right in the rocks, underground cities with labyrinths of tunnels and magnificent stony landscapes. One of the most popular attractions of this historic region is the Hotel Museum, which is a real living museum. Tourists are provided with unique rooms, housed in the millennial caves of a huge hotel complex, where history, ethnic style and luxury unite in a single composition. Everyone can prefer a room with an ascetic interior, or soak up a room decorated in a modern style.

Everything in the Museum recalls the rich past of Cappadocia – on the site of the towering ancient majestic ruins, reminiscent of long-gone epochs. The rooms are furnished with antiques from the times of the Ottoman and Roman empires, as well as the Hittite and Persian eras – the owner of a living museumcollected them for many years in his collection. In total, Museum guests are offered 30 “caves”, each of which has its own unique design. The most luxurious room of the hotel is furnished with valuable and rare pieces of furniture and interior, and in its ceiling there is a large glass window through which you can see an unblemished night sky with bright stars. Other rooms are equipped with wide windows that open up beautiful panoramic views of the surrounding area. Bright accents in the caves are colorful carpets, original lighting with a wide range of colors and elements of high-quality textiles.

Feel like a sultan in the Hotel Museum allows not only the appropriate furnishings and stone walls, literally breathing history. The hotel also has several jacuzzis and a massage room – although, if desired, you can stretch your muscles on an open, secluded terrace. Contemplation of Cappadocian landscapes during the massage in the fresh air favorably affects both the physical and moral state. Fed in the Museum is also in a royal way – one of the best chefs in Turkey, working in a hotel restaurant, prepares delicious dishes of Turkish cuisine. Fragrant cabbage rolls from fresh grape leaves, appetizing doner-kebab with meat roasted on a spit, juicy meatballs, tender onion with nuts and coconut, fresh baklava – this and much more can be tried at the Museum. And, of course, where in Turkey without real coffee,

To spend time with advantage here it is possible, simply walking on territory of hotel – after all around there are continuous historical monuments against which you can proudly be photographed. Enjoy the sunsets and sunrises guests Museumcan directly from the chic Roman-style pool located on the hotel’s outdoor terrace. Extremes can do this from a balloon, periodically taking off over Cappadocia for a sightseeing tour of its beautiful expanses. The cost of this hotel is from 200 to 300 euros per night depending on the season – the largest influx of tourists is observed in the period from April to October. To settle in the most expensive room Museum, you have to shell out for 1500-2500 euros per day. At the same time in the amount of payment for any number will include a bill for breakfast and access to the wireless Internet. Experienced tourists do not recommend going to this Cappadocian pearl in January / February, as some of the installations and rooms of the hotel with exclusive antiques can be closed for restoration.

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