The most unusual hotel in Poznań

The Polish city of Poznan is famous not only for its magnificent architecture and a lot of interesting tourist places – in its center is also the hotel Blow Up Hall 5050 , considered one of the most original hotels in the world. Its creator is the famous Mexican artist Rafael Lozano Emmer, known for his individual creative worldview. In the basis of the concept Blow Up Hall 5050 he invested electronic art, wrapping it in a futuristic packaging design and decorating it with a bow of modern technology. At the same time, the artist announces his attitude to hotel guests as to his co-authors, and not as to ordinary viewers, who admire his creation with rapture.

Crossing the threshold of the building and getting into the chic lobby, tourists instantly become one of the elements of the video installation, stunning its scale. About 2.5 thousand cameras scattered throughout the hotel capture images of guests and continuously broadcast them to giant reception screens. The result is a creative documentary film-mosaic, the subject of which are fragments of the life of the staff of the Blow Up Hall 5050 and its guests. However, this reality show is not the only surprise that this unusual placeprepares its customers. Upon check-in, each guest receives a key to the number in the form of … the most current iPhone, in which all the information needed by the tourist is loaded, the concierge number and the possibility to surf the Internet for free. Take a smartphone for yourself with the memory at the same time it will not work – if only because the ubiquitous cameras are vigilantly watching guests, performing the role of that Eldest Brother who always follows.

The interiors of the hotel are decorated with stunning electronic installations that turn the hotel into one continuous performance – colorful, bright and so reminiscent of night avenues of modern megacities. Rooms Blow Up Hall 5050, without exaggeration, are a standard sample of taste, style and light crazy, inherent in creative natures. Guests can choose their own decoration to taste – immerse themselves in pacifying whiteness, plunge into warm chocolate shades or feel like a zebra in the African savannah. All the interior items in the rooms of Blow Up Hall 5050 bear the invisible imprint of a brilliant designer, because everything here, from adorable lamps and ending with a banal stool, looks as if it had just come down from a stylish fashion showcase.

As for the amenities, they are not overshadowed by the luxurious design of the hotel, moving to the background, as is often the case in many other hotels. All rooms are equipped with satellite television, air conditioning, magnificent bathrooms and other amenities of civilization that only a thriving five-star hotel can provide . Restaurant Blow Up Hall 5050 offers you to try the best dishes of Polish cuisine in the performance of a talented chef who “interprets” them to the modern European style. You can have a snack with comfort here in cozy glass booths, from which you can see a superb view of the city street and bright live flowers growing near the hotel. Public Areas in Blow Up Hall 5050 and at all decorated with reproductions of world-famous works of art, against which people like to be photographed tourists from different countries.

The cost of living in the hotel is about $ 150 per day. Most often it is chosen by businessmen and transit travelers, since Blow Up Hall 5050 is only 10 minutes away from the central city station. The Old Town market, where you can buy a lot of various souvenirs and other wonderful Polish products, is located just around the corner of the hotel. To spend time with advantage the hotel guests usually prefer in walks in Poznan, where at every step you can stumble upon a historical attraction or an impressive architectural masterpiece.

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