The most unusual hotel in Scotland

Have you decided to marry or marry, but can not think of anything original and memorable for the ceremony? Feel free to go to the picturesque Scottish village of Urquhart, where the hotel “The Old Church Urquhart” welcomes you with open doors . The singularity of this hotel lies in the fact that it is located in the building of an ancient church, built for local residents in 1843 in the midst of endless green fields. Over time, the village aboriginals were tired of wasting time on sponsoring the liver of a local priest, while around the field the untrained stood, and the church gradually collapsed. But in the middle of the 20th century it was purchased by a progressive businessman and reconstructed the abandoned church building into a charming hotel that retained the Gothic architecture, but not in its atmosphere.

To date, “The Old Church Urquhart” is popular not only for lovers couples who agree on a wedding right in the hotel and there also spend a secluded honeymoon. Here tourists from different parts of the world go, wishing to taste all the charms of life in the pastoral Scottish wilderness. Inside the hotel-churchvery cozy and home furnishings – the whole interior is made of wood, including columns, furniture and walls, lined with wooden panels. Additional charm “The Old Church Urquhart” gives the fireplaces and the original ornament, which adorns all the windows of this unusual hotel. The rooms are decorated in a modern, but at the same time, romantic style. Bows on the curtains, arched window / balcony openings, carved bed headboards, delicate colors and lovely lamps are ideal for a holiday away from bored technical progress.

At the same time, “The OldChurc hUrquhart” is not completely deprived of the blessings of civilization. The hotel has excellent plumbing, satellite dishes, air conditioning, central heating, telephone and so on. All these technologies are harmoniously combined with the country style and a slight touch of mysterious gothic, and the use of wood in interior design does not cause ailments in allergies and resentment of fighters for an environmentally friendly lifestyle. A wonderful and very well-groomed garden is built around the hotel, and a landscape designer has done a good job. In it you can walk in the mornings, slowly sipping hot tea from a massive mug – or you can prefer a cozy buffet where guests can gather at one table and chat quietly during a delicious breakfast.

Entertainment in this quiet Scottish countryside, of course, a little, and those that are, almost all are associated with active rest and interaction with nature. So, “The Old Church Urquhart” offers its guests to ride horses, take a stroll along the lake in a boat, fish an ecologically clean fish or visit a whiskey in the neighboring town. Many tourists consider it a big plus for this hotel to have permission to stay with pets – they also need to be taken out of dusty megacities and let go of the juicy grass not marked with dirty tires. The cost of living in the “The Old Church Urquhart” ranges from £ 34 to £ 49 per night, including breakfast – while vegetarians are provided with a separate menu, and the dishes are prepared from exclusively fresh and organic products grown by local farmers. The hotel has many regular customers, so the availability of free numbers is better to manage in advance – however, in advance one should also prepare a flask, in which it will be possible to bring home a bit of this Scotch Whiskey.

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