The most unusual hotel in South Africa

Among the beautiful South African savannah are large tents – this is the hotel Marataba Lodge , which combines modern technology and ancient authentic design. Around the hotel is a protected area, stunning of its pristine nature and Mount Waterberg, to the foot of which adjoins this territory. Marataba Lodge is a wonderful example of a resort complex, attracting not only its unusual, but also luxury sophistication. Inside the hotel is decorated in the style of the African Renaissance – brickwork, linen ceiling, bleached walls, animal skins and a lot of wood. All this is harmoniously complemented by modern lighting, colored furniture of rounded forms, stylish curved chairs and beautiful flying fabrics, which decorate both windows and walls.
For a relaxed afternoon break, Marataba Lodge provides a wooden terrace with comfortable seating and a beautiful view of the Waterberg Mountain, majestically rising above the sea of ​​greenery. Here you can fully relax and digest the hotel kitchen, which is represented here in a wide variety. The local cook delicately exudes and extinguishes meat, serving it with buds of water lilies, prepares a delicious rice pilaf with lamb meat, raisins and dried apricots, and also makes a stunned shish kebab with a spicy sauce. For those who want to try extreme food, the restaurant Marataba Lodgethere is a separate menu consisting of fried termites, scarab larvae and delicacy caterpillars with a crispy ruddy crust. You can drink all this splendor with local wines, which are popular all over the world today because of their nut-bread and herbaceous-floral tints.
After lunch and rest, you can go for a walk – in the vicinity of this unusual hotel there is definitely something to see. The virgin nature of Limpopo with its picturesque landscapes, through which wild buffaloes, elephants, rhinoceroses, lions, leopards and other representatives of the African savannah walk, amaze the imagination. Tenants Marataba Lodgecan choose: active walking tour through open spaces, overgrown with lush little vegetation, or safari in a jeep, allowing you to travel more space than to get around on your own feet. The hotel guides daily spend fascinating and informative excursions, acquainting all comers with the secrets of the African savanna, filled with a diverse and amazing life. A few minutes walk from the hotel there is a national nature reserve, where you can admire graceful predators and massive herbivores in full and safe

Those who prefer a comfortable stay for walks under the scorching African sun can relax in comfortable hammocks or in the pool, enjoying refreshing cocktails or spa treatments in the sunset. The Marataba Lodge is the original lobby of the hotel – its stone walls give a coveted coolness in hot days, and animal skins on the floor give the atmosphere a bit of primitive savagery. Hanging from the ceiling fixtures complement the picture, enhancing the feeling of being in an African hut of luxury class. The entire territory of the hotel is literally strewn with lanterns and fireplaces, in which the evenings are lit by fire. This perfectly emphasizes the surrounding nature and its originality, reminding that between the civilized man and the world of wild animals there will always pass an invisible feature that it is better not to step over without a shotgun and a jeep.

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