The most unusual hotel in South Korea

A sea voyage on a luxury cruise liner attracts many tourists, but this kind of rest in the economic crisis is too much for many. The ideal compromise was offered by the owners of Sun Cruise Resort – a hotel located in a former comfortable liner that “ran aground” a rocky cliff in the South Korean province. A huge ship is an excellent choice for those who can afford a room for $ 85-100 per day, well, those who suffer from seasickness or just afraid of the ocean open spaces.

Rising on top of a rock densely covered with green forest cover, the snow-white giant Sun Cruise Resort looks like it’s about to descend to the sea and go to furrow the seas. However, upon closer examination, it’s easy to notice its hotel gloss, provided with high-class service, expensive design and tourists from all over the world, strolling along the huge deck of the hotel. Accommodation at Sun Cruise Resort creates the illusion of a sea voyage at the expense of the surrounding landscapes and the sound of waves coming from the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan, next to which stands the cliff with this unusual hotel. In bad weather the guests gather on the deck and admire the raging sea, being completely safe – and this is another big plus of the Sun Cruise Resort.

The hotel has 211 modern and cozy cabins, decorated in a restrained style and a light color scheme that gives rooms a homely atmosphere. Each cabin has large windows – and in the luxury rooms the window is a whole glazed wall, through which a magnificent view of the sea coast and the nearest city. Relax in the cabins of Sun Cruise Resortyou can safely not only at the expense of comfort and coziness, but also without the fear of waking up from a collision with an iceberg or a tsunami. Also, the hotel is famous for its amazing views of the dawn, to which guests are awakened by the morning signal, calling them to meet the sunrise. It’s best to admire the sunrise from the Sun Cruise Resort viewing platforms on the 8th and 9th floors – with the sounds of a sea breeze, the sounds of seagulls and the quiet rustle of waves emitted by the speakers installed throughout the hotel.

Have a good time at the Sun Cruise Resort in a large pool filled with real sea water, or in a chic karaoke bar with a 360-degree rotating floor that allows you to view the entire panorama. To fans of active rest the hotel offers to stretch your legs on a volleyball court, to feel aristocrat in a well-groomed golf course or to show off at the hotel fitness club equipped with the latest technology. There is a first-class nightclub in Sun Cruise Resort, where you can dance on a stable surface, without fear of falling off to a beautiful girl or a guy under your feet at sea.

Tourists who prefer a more peaceful pastime can take a stroll in the park next to the hotel, where world-famous sculptural compositions stand, including the famous palms raised to the sky in a prayerful gesture. In addition, Sun Cruise Resort offers yacht rentals, where you can ride on the sea for only $ 30 per person. As for food, then you can eat a lot of South Korean delicaciesyou can not only in the hotel restaurant, but also in the nearby village. Local residents keep a lot of fish restaurants, where they serve inexpensive dishes from the freshest fish, prepared according to old and modern recipes. Many regular guests of Sun Cruise Resort appreciate it not only for originality and comfort – but also for the absence of noisy tourist companies from European (and not so) countries, since the main backbone of tourists here are quiet and calm Asians.

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